The FogScreen magically projects images in the middle of the room to provide the ultimate centre of attention. You can walk through the ultrasound generated finely atomized mist (made with tap water) and feel only a pleasant breeze without getting wet. The FogScreen is ideal for welcoming your delegates or red carpet occasions.


FogScreen can be hired through on the rock. Furthermore’ on the rock guarantees complete assembly, maintenance and support during the event as the exclusive and sole partner of FogScreen Germany.

on the rock Event Management CEO Mike Striebing is particularly proud of the operations at the Echo Klassik Aftershow Party, the German Radio Award 2012, the Telekom Campus Tour and Airport Media Award - Dusseldorf.

Fogscreen at Stunksitzung 2013 in Cologne

A wonderful example of the versatile possibilities of Fogscreen during the Stunksitzung 2013 in Cologne.